August 4, 2008

FoUr IdioTs

Life isn't always sunny. Days aren't always blissfully pleasant.
But a dull day can be made memorable for sure.

This is how "we" do it........

Now you can begin wondering who this "we" are.....

"We" are friends.

"We" are ordinary people, all different in personalities, attitude and degrees of maturity. But "We" have at least one thing in common---we are crazy......plain crazy.

An example of a crazy day we spend together will make the picture more clear.

Monday morning

  • 6:10 am: (Home)
Jaz calls me up. "College", she utters the dreadful word. "Damn", I mutter to myself.

After that, she does that sequentially to the rest of them.
  • 7:10 am: (At the bus stop)
Waiting for the bus, we all grumble within ourselves, missing sleep and
hating another Monday morning. We know that a long day lies ahead of us.
Needless to say we hate going to college.
  • 8:30 am: (College campus)
We gather outside the classroom. "Andar chalein?", someone asks.
We stare at each other's faces. None of them show any interest in attending classes.
Still unavoidable circumstances(strict rules for attendance)
force us to walk into the
room half-full....nah......three- fourth empty of
  • 9:30 am: (Inside the Classroom)
The lecturer talks and talks and talks on I'm not sure what topic of which subject. I turn around to look at classmates. No one behind us.

Oops...I forgot to mention we love being backbenchers, for many reasons. I turn to Annie sitting beside me. She tries to make sense of what is being taught in class once in a while. And failing to do so, she turns to me and says:"Kuchh samajh mein aya?"

I shrug, and scan further along to DJ. She appears to be half-asleep. She moans, "Kya bore hai bey!" And her eyes redden with each passing moment. Beside her sits Jaz, fiddling with her cellphone in one hand and a pen in the other, occasionally looking up at the lecturer to give a clueless nod at whatever is
being said.

Not far along, I notice a guy nodding more often than necessary, quite rhythmically, in fact. Then I catch a glimpse of his camouflaged ear-plugs with cords leading probably to an iPod in his pocket.

Some others look outside the window, willing to see and hear anything except the lecturer.
At the farthest distance, at the front bench I can see the heads of the class nerds, intently listening and jotting down each and every word being said. I am sure they have also noted down the "Be attentive"s and "Don't talk"s the lecturer mumbles every eight minutes.

The hour slowly crawls by, minute by minute, and we sit with a "highly uninterested" expression on our face throughout.

The only time we come alive is when we get to sign the attendance sheet that gets passed on to us, and then we get back into "standby" modes.

  • 11:00 am: (Outside the Classroom)
Break Time. We rise up from the dead.

Laughter rings in the corridors for the next 39 minutes as we crack anecdotes, share experiences, chat our hearts out.

Someone realizes it's way past 11:15 am, time for the next class to begin.
"Oye, class nahin jaana hai kya?"

We brace ourselves for another hour of torture and in chorus we speak at the
"May I come in?"

"No, you may get out".

We stand sheepishly for a few seconds and then leave the doorstep. In the next one hour we immerse ourselves in fun-filled discussions in some peaceful corner of the campus.

  • 12:59 pm: (Inside the Classroom, Again)

We are bang on time for the next class, having been driven out of the
class before that for being 30 minutes late. This time we sit attentively, armed with pens and notebooks and a fake layer of enthusiasm on the face. The professor begins talking in Greek.

I note down in Latin.

The professor continually drifts away from the topic. The frontbenchers steer him back whenever they dare to. His words merge into a droning sound. I feel sleepy again. And then with a sudden change in the pitch of his voice he shouts:

"What does .com stand for??"


"Any idea??"

Silence again.

Not that no one knew, but no one was quite paying attention to his words.

"Okay!! It stands for COMMERCIAL!"

DJ comments from behind me....

"Isssssssshhh....mereko toh pataa hi nahin tha!!"

This sent me and Jaz burst into sudden and violent giggles. Damn.

The professor glared at us angrily for the next 32 minutes.

At the end of the topic, whatever it was, he asked "Any doubts??"

And me, Jaz and DJ prompted Annie....."C'mon Annie, FIRE!!"
In the spur of the moment she shoots....."Sir, what is the use of .com in a URL??"


He looks up at the ceiling , then outside the window, and at the piece of chalk he's holding.
And declares...."Next Class".

  • 1:55 pm: (Buses Leaving, For Home)

Jaz says, "Kya bekaar din tha be!"

I agree, "Rotten, in every sense of the word."

DJ chimes in......"Isike liye tune mujhe sawere uthaaya??"

While splitting Annie finally asks......"So coming tomorrow?"

We all wave byes, and shout back......"Yes!!!"


jasmine said...

dere is not a single word to praise ur writing skills sweetie...
ur posts remind me of R.K. Narayan's writing style..evry minute thing is described so beautifully dat it seems like words hv life...
too good...

Debjani aka DJ!!!!! said...

U REALLY ROK YAAR.......KAv socha nahin tha ....hum log TRAGEDY MEIN V comedy dhuund sakte hain!!!!!!!

Simi said...

U guys have been wonderful idiots... :)
See ya in college!

Anurag said...

You continue to impress with every blog of your's.

Bunty said...

aur bhugto!!!

nit jamshedpur rocks!!! lectures for 5 hours a week!!! aur kya chahiye...

aur is post ke baad ye naye posts kyun nahi aa rahe????

Simi said...

Arey we also rock.......But unfortunately that "rocking" is limited to the bus journeys :P

naye posts aa jayenge...bas classes se fursat mil jaaye.....;)

Anonymous said...

derz no mentng me..........main bhi kabhi kabhi class aata hun

VIRUS said...

The professor begins talking in Greek.

I note down in Latin.

dats a masterpiece