May 4, 2011

The Little Joys in Life

We all live simple, ordinary lives...or at least, most of us. But our lives has the same pattern and shades of emotions attached with each moment. There may be a hundred different bad experiences we have always whined about, at one time or the other. But there are some tiny moments of joy in our lives that we seem to overlook, and do not realise that maybe, this was the moment in the twenty-four-hour day that set our spirits high and brought a smile to our face even in the middle of all the chaos. Some of those moments I've listed below, which come and go, in each one of our lives, maybe everyday, but we fail to notice them...The list is small, you may relate to one, few or many of them, but I am sure you will relate :) and I would love it if you also add to the list after you've read it ...

...Here goes!

1. When you wake up on a cold morning not feeling like going to college AT check your cell-phone for the time and you have 
1 New Message'Holiday 2day.strike.njoy! :)'

2. When you look up at the scorching sun, irritated with the heat and humidity and suddenly a strong breeze of cold air form behind makes you turn...and you see pitch dark clouds coming in your direction..

3. While streetshopping, you pick up a thing you absolutely fall in love with and then this happens:
 You:  Bhaiya, ye kitne ka?
 Bhaiya: Ek sau pachaas
 You: Kya??!!! Itna?? :O ...50 mein dogey??
 Bhaiya: Nahi...itna kam mein nahin ayega.. :|
 (You turn around and walk away, dejected... suddenly you hear Bhaiya's voice from behind..)

   Bhaiya: O Madam....60 mein le lo!

4. When you did not get time to eat a thing all day because you didn't get the time, and you come back home hungry as a wolf, and smell the aroma of your favorite chicken curry on the stove.. Mom saying, 'Munh haath dho lo...khana garam hai, kha lo fir doosre kaam karna' :)

5. You reach the bus stop, running, panting, six minutes late than you shud, but find the bus came 8 minutes late than it should have...

6. You go near a frightened, cornered kitten who hisses at you like its mother taught it to, but once you stroke its little furry head for a few minutes, its purring and rubbing around your legs with tail high up in the air!

7. When someone is in a very bad mood or really say something awkward to break the silence, and that person stares at you for a moment....and breaks into a smile :)

8. You sit down with all your books the night before your examinations, and the power goes think to yourself, "God, it's gone for the night! What the hell am I supposed to do!?" Suddenly the lights are back on.

9. The results are out, you're praying for even average scores, but you don't have access to the internet to check it....then someone calls you to congratulate you for scoring really high...

10. You open your payslip, and find a few hundred bucks extra this time.

11. At the end of an interview, you are convinced that you couldn't have acted stupider, and the interviewer shakes your hand to say, 'Alright, we're done...Welcome to the organization.'

12. At the end of a huge argument, a third person confirms that you are actually right.

13. A few extra chocolate chips in the Hide & Seek biscuit you are holding in your hand.

14. You pick up something really expensive at the mall, hate to leave it behind but it is certain to drill a hole in your pocket if you buy it, nevertheless you walk with it to the counter. The man at the counter scans the barcode and tells you "50% Discount".

15. In the dullest of days you are thinking about someone special, wondering where they are, what they are doing, and your cellphone beeps. It's a message from the same person, "Hi,wassup? Feelin really bord. Wat r u up2?"

16. You found your favorite pen, which you thought you had lost, inside a different bag...the one in which you had never looked for it before.

17. You ask someone to click a photo while you pose, and when you check, you think you are actually looking really good in it.

18. A tighter dress that you stopped wearing since a long time now fits you.

19. You have something handmade on your desk. A colleague comes and asks you, "Where did you get this?? It's really cool, can you get one for me, too??"

20. You prayed to God for something in the morning, and it came true by evening.

21. You give a 100-rupee note to the auto driver and ask, "Bhaiya, change hai??" and he says yes.

22. When you open a gift, you realise the person has at least tried to find out what you would like to get on your birthday.

23. Someone who used to be formal, has now started calling you by your nick name.

24. Rains cats and dogs all of a sudden and you have to take shelter in a roadside chai ki dukaan. You spend the next half an hour watching the pouring rain and thundering skies with a cup of hot tea in one hand (and probably a fag in another, for guys!)

25. You ventured out to a new place all on your own and found out which routes to take and by what means...and came back without forgetting any of it. Now if anyone asks for directions, you can give it to them!

26. You go to and find that it has a new doodle today. You quickly hover the mouse over it to find out what it is..

27. An Indian batsman hits a 6 when they need a 4, in the last few decinding balls of a crucial match.

28. You spent breakfast, lunch and dinner worrying about some problem you could not solve...Out of nowhere, the solution suddenly occurs to you.

29. When you rescue a puppy from cruel children.

30. When an old friend you were desperate to meet suddenly lands in town, days ahead of schedule and calls you..."I'm already here, let's meet!"

31. Cutting a cake, no matter what the occasion! Getting a wrapped gift, no matter what the occasion!

32. When you like someone and think they are not aware of your existence, but one fine day you find them not only looking in your direction, but turning away, embarrassed, when you catch their eye! ;)

33. Somebody puts up a scanned photo of your school days, and you smile at your size and looks back then..and all those memories triggered by the image!

34. Standing beside a sea...the sound of waves driving away the noise in your head, the winds so strong you have to hold yourself up, the sand under the feet and the water sweeping across, the feeling of being a speck compared to the huge mass of life you are standing next to...

35. You call someone and ask, "Are you busy?" and get 'Nope, not at all!' for an answer and not 'kinda', 'not really', 'lil bit, you say' or 'too much yaar, can we talk later?'.

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